24 Creative Ways to Meet People or ‘The One’: Our Bonus Guide Without Swiping Right

Are you feeling burnt out from the endless swiping on dating apps? Do you crave more meaningful connections with people beyond the digital realm? If so, it’s time to explore some organic ways to meet new people and expand your social circle. Here are 24 fun and creative ideas to get you started.

But first. Science: based on a study conducted by Stanford University researchers Michael Rosenfeld and Sonia Hausen. The study analyzed data from a nationally representative sample of over 3,000 adults in the United States who had married between 2009 and 2017. The findings were published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences in 2019. Statistically speaking, some common places where people meet and form romantic relationships include:

  1. Through friends or family members (39%)
  2. At work or school (15%)
  3. At social events or gatherings (12%)
  4. Online dating apps or websites (11%)
  5. In public places such as bars or clubs (9%)
  6. Through hobbies or interests (6%)
  7. At religious or spiritual institutions (3%)
  8. Through volunteer or community activities (2%)
  9. Through sports or fitness activities (2%)
  10. At the gym or other fitness facilities (1%)

So grab a friend, take off some of that pressure and do at least 1-3 of these a week, we love to hear back from you!

  1. Trivia nights: Many bars and restaurants host weekly trivia nights. Check out your local listings or search on Meetup.com for trivia groups in your area. (Social interactiveness score: 4/5)
  2. Recreational sports leagues: Check out organizations like ZogSports or Social Boston Sports, which offer a variety of adult recreational sports leagues. (Social interactiveness score: 4/5)
  3. Group fitness classes: Many gyms and studios offer group fitness classes. Search for classes in your area on websites like ClassPass or Mindbody. (Social interactiveness score: 3/5)
  4. Free community events: Check your local community calendar for free events like concerts, festivals, and outdoor movie screenings. (Social interactiveness score: 2/5)
  5. Volunteer opportunities: Look for local charities or non-profits that align with your interests and sign up to volunteer. (Social interactiveness score: 3/5)
  6. Book clubs: Join a local book club or start one with friends. Meetup.com has many book club groups to choose from. (Social interactiveness score: 3/5)
  7. Dog parks: If you have a furry friend, take them to the dog park and strike up a conversation with other dog owners. (Social interactiveness score: 3/5)
  8. Cooking classes: Sign up for a cooking class or workshop in your area. (Social interactiveness score: 3/5)
  9. Board game nights: Host a board game night with friends or search for board game meetups on Meetup.com. (Social interactiveness score: 2/5)
  10. Art exhibits: Attend local art exhibits or visit museums in your area. (Social interactiveness score: 2/5)
  11. Hiking or nature groups: Join a hiking or nature group in your area to meet like-minded individuals. (Social interactiveness score: 3/5)
  12. Open mic nights: Attend an open mic night at a local coffee shop or bar. (Social interactiveness score: 4/5)
  13. Dance classes: Sign up for dance classes or workshops in your area. (Social interactiveness score: 4/5)
  14. Wine tastings: Attend wine tastings or join a wine club. (Social interactiveness score: 2/5)
  15. Volunteer at a community garden: Check your local community garden for volunteer opportunities. (Social interactiveness score: 3/5)
  16. Meetup groups: Join Meetup.com and search for groups based on your interests. (Social interactiveness score: 3/5)
  17. Farmer’s markets: Check out your local farmer’s market and strike up a conversation with vendors or other shoppers. (Social interactiveness score: 2/5)
  18. Running or walking groups: Join a running or walking group in your area. (Social interactiveness score: 3/5)
  19. Writing workshops: Sign up for a writing workshop or attend a writing group. (Social interactiveness score: 2/5)
  20. Language classes: Take a language class or join a language exchange group. (Social interactiveness score: 4/5)
  21. Community theater: Participate in community theater or attend local productions. (Social interactiveness score: 4/5)
  22. Craft fairs: Attend local craft fairs or take a crafting class. (Social interactiveness score: 2/5)
  23. Podcast or book clubs: Join a podcast or book club online or in person. (Social interactiveness score: 2/5)
  24. Painting classes: Sign up for a painting class or workshop. (Social interactiveness score: 2/5)

Trying new things can be a great way to meet people and break out of your comfort zone. By attending events and classes, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with people who share your interests and passions. Plus, you never know who you might meet! So, the next time you’re feeling frustrated with dating apps, give one of these organic meet-up options a try. Who knows, you might just make some great new friends or even find your soulmate.





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